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Our Services

Are you a busy executive in need of counsel and advice on personal branding? Do you struggle with online presence creation? Is your start-up company looking for an expert consultant to chalk up its marketing and communications plan? Or are you on the hunt for event speakers to conduct training workshops?

From setting up your in-house digital marketing team to activating your channels and finding resource persons for your corporate events, Comm Connectx has you covered. Check out all the ways we could be of help to your business in Auckland, New Zealand:

Strategy and Education

  • Consulting Sessions Involving Counsel and Advice
  • One-on-One or Classroom Group Training
  • Audit, Assessment, and Analysis
  • Personal Branding and Upskilling

Integrated Marketing Solutions

  • Online Presence Set-Up and Activation
  • Social, Mobile, Digital, E-commerce Strategies
  • Brand Management and Campaign Execution
  • Content Marketing and Community Engagement

Project Management

  • Content Creation for Blogs, Websites, Emails, Social Media
  • Events Planning, Promotion, Speaking, and Emceeing
  • Product Launches, Webinars, and Online Surveys
  • Copywriting for Outsourcing Contracts and Guest Blogging
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